Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Victorian Ballroom, Holiday Villa Hotel, Subang Jaya


Today I'm gonna talk about Victorian Ballroom. I live in Subang Jaya. SS14 to be specific. Holiday Villa Hotel is located at SS12. So sangatlahhhhh dekat. Sangat okay kalau my reception buat dekat Victorian Ballroom ni tau! Holiday Villa ada beberapa ballroom:

1. Vintage Ballroom.
I've attended a friend's wedding at Vintage Ballroom before. Ada I post a few photos in my previous post. So u can just scroll down to look at the photos. Boleh muat nearly 1000pax.

2. Classics Ballroom
Can hold up to 500pax at a time. But they usually give u Classics 2 sekali. Classics 2 can fit in 150pax. So total up boleh lah fit in 650pax.

3. Victorian Ballroom
This is the best ballroom I've ever been to! sangat cantik+ada garden tepi ballroom tu which they'll block for ur event. The ballroom itself can fit in 390pax at a time, but they'll give u Victorian 2 as well which can fit 100guests. Even the garden/courtyard boleh letak guest tables! So I think Victorian ballroom+courtyard+Victorian 2 can fit approximately 600pax. Just nice for a buffet-style reception like mine!!

The entrance of the ballroom where u can have ur guest book here, photobooth (wink wink), gifts table, etc..

Empty ballroom

Cantiknyaaa. *nangis*

The entrance best woh!! Boleh buat theme Greek Goddess terus :p

And guess what! The garden pun sangat cantik! Its very victorian style+ala2 vintage gitu. I boleh bayangkan macamana rupa wedding I kalau buat dekat situ :D The garden/courtyard is something like this but wayyyy nicer in real life. hewhewhew!

Okay, after dah memuji-muji Victorian Ballroom, mari I bagitau the cost if u wanna have ur reception there. Ehem2 *clear throat*


But well, hotel food kot, so dont be surprised lah kan price range dia macamtu. Menu dia, 1 lauk ayam, 1 lauk daging, 1 lauk ikan, 1 lauk seafood (udang/sotong), 1 sayur, 1 dessert, 1 type of drink... And decorations are included, worry not :) They even provide u with bridal suite & two extra suites for bride+groom's parents. oh oh oh! termasuk pelamin, ice-carving, door gifts for all guest. Kiranya EVERY SINGLE THING is included.

TAPIIIII! kira-kira balik, kalau 1000guests dah RM90000!! Botak kepalo abah den! Ada lg 3siblings tak kahwin lagi ni. hewhewhew!

Maka, renung-renungkanlah....

ps: i dah request custom package dekat Victorian Ballroom. Still waiting for the new quotation :)


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