Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY projectssss! Centerpiece & mini dais


When Encik H proposed back in 2009, first thing popped in my mind (other than excited to tell my parents coz I was staying in Korea at that time) was, I WANT A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING. With beautiful families, beautiful friends & great decorations. And one thing for sure, I want to be my own wedding planner eventhough parents hired a wedding planner for my along's wedding back in 2008. The wedding planner did a great job. Okay fine, not gonna be too ambitious. If parents want to hire a wedding planner again this time, it's up to them. I tak jadi wedding planner pun takpelah. I nak jadi decorator. Berangan much? :p

I suck at sketching/drawing.. Seriously...

Centerpiece for guest tables. Rough ideas
Idea 1

Idea 2

Comel sgt ni!!!

Over tau kalau nak buat macam ni -_-


Mini dais idea for solemnization

Dahlah sketch super buruk, tulisan pun sebegitu rupa -_-"

I berangan lebih nak DIY macam2, jangan hangat2 tahi ayam sudah.


ps: Gonna do a tutorial on how to make tissue flowers :D


  1. sekarang ni memang trend kan pakai paper flower atau tissue flower. saya pun guna masa e-day tempoh hari~ rajin buat2 sketch macam ni.

    keep updating! salam perkenalan~

  2. yup, i think mmg trend skrg ni. i pun terikut2 trend. teehee. lagipun byk boleh jimat kan :D