Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My (already-confirmed) ballroom :D


Phewhhh. At last.... We (parents and I) have settled with our ballroom. Here, 'we' always refer to parents & I okay. Coz Mr Fiancee is not around. He will only be around 3weeks before our solemnization. So, Mr Fiancee is not-so-important person in this blog (sorry mokmok!) until we get solemnized :D

We should have confirmed my reception hall 3weeks ago but some problems just got in our way, so we actually postponed my side's reception from 2nd September to 8th September 2012. I've actually decided to do our reception at The Club @ Bukit Utama on the 2nd until we had to change to the 8th. So I called The Club to book on the 8th but unfortunately, it was booked by a Malay couple, months ago. Haihhhh...

Hall-hunting AGAINNNN! *longggg sighhhhhh*

So here's another list of halls that I've surveyed...

1. Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya
I've talked about Holiday Villa in my previous post. Damn expensive! Unless you opt for a small event (300-500), I would suggest this place. At first their wedding planning team told me the cost is around RM90/pax. Then when I got an official email, the package stated RM103/pax. We're gonna have 1000++ pax. So its a NO!

2. De Palma Hotel, Shah Alam
You can google for their ballroom's images. Sangat cantik seriously!! The cheapest package is RM60/pax. But for this price, better buat dekat Dewan Merak Kayangan. teehee. Dewan Merak Kayangan & Dewan Perdana Felda are not in our list coz agak jauh from Subang Jaya & the traffics are horrible. Okbye.

3. Kelab Shah Alam
Quite old hall but the interior is still nice. They used to have this package of renting the ballroom only for RM8000+6% tax. But sekarang tak ada *sigh*. You have to use their in-house catering. The package starts from RM47/pax.

4. Intekma, Shah Alam
My mum went to Intekma for lunch with her friends. She didn't ask much but the package starts from RM40/pax I think. Price wise is okay but I don't really fancy that place for my wedding reception :p

5. Dewan Guthrie, Bukit Jelutong
This hall is so not in my list (bukan sombong okay), but I've told my parents that I really want a banquet-style hall. Preferably fully-carpeted hall with airconds and nice interior (so that I dont really have to spend on decorations :p). Tapi I pergi jugak tengok the hall, not bad. A very small hall tapi dekat luar hall pun boleh ada tables. A lot of decos need to be done. A LOTTT! Sewa dewan = RM1300 without tables & chairs. Sgt affordable kan?

Seriously kecik :(

Tepi hall. Boleh buat deco gempak gile.

That's my mum. Hye maaa! *wave*

I really like the staircase :D

6. Dewan Raja Muda Musa, Shah Alam
This hall is sooooooooooo huge!! 4-5times bigger than Dewan Guthrie. Harga sewa pun 4-5times expensive than Dewan Guthrie. Paling murah RM6000++ including tables&chairs. The dewan itself is RM4000, wajib bayar cleaning RM1000. So total dah RM5000. And wajib amik tables&chairs dari diorang. Paling kurang total RM6000, belum add table/chair covers, projector, white screen etc..

The VIP room

Siap ada dapur&toilet sendiri dalam VIP room :D

7. Dewan Felda Gemilang Yayasan, Kelana Jaya
The management&caterer for this hall is the same as the one who handles Dewan Perdana Felda & Dewan Merak Kayangan. Gemilang Yayasan ni sangat affordable. The cheapest is RM32/pax for the first 500pax, RM25/subsequent pax. I've made a booking for the 9th Sept. Tapi sebenarnya I taknak this hall sebab nanti groom's side punya reception dekat sini. Takkan dua2 reception nak buat tempat sama -_-"

SO? Dekat mana my reception nanti??


Mama & I berdoa sangat2 nak ballroom The Club because it was our first choice. Rezeki kami bila ada orang tarik diri on the 8th Sept tu. ALHAMDULILLAH :D :D :D



  1. hi ada no phone for dewan guthrie? email me

    thanks yaaa

  2. Dewan resepsi di Shah Alam , call /sms 012 3403340

  3. Multimedia University GrandHall or Multi Purpose Hall at Cyberjaya. call/sms//msg Whatsapp/Telegram 0126500601