Monday, March 19, 2012

Bertandang dress


I havent even finalized my reception dress but FMIL who is a very very veryyy well-organized lady had all planned out for my bertandang's dress. If I'm not mistaken, we had like 4 times of discussion before we went to the designer's boutique in Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. Nope! It's not Hatta Dolmat or Altelia Amani. Gonna tell about that later.

So, after a few discussions with FMIL, we decided on a one-piece dress with beadings at the waistline and pleated chiffon at the chest area. And my veil is gonna be super long. Fuhhh... The dress will be a combination of these:

*pictures googled*

Not gonna tell the colour just yet :) We bought the fabrics last Tuesday. We dragged along the designer to Jakel KL padahal Shah Alam ada Jakel.hihi. It was an easy process selecting the fabrics when u actually bring along the designer. Kejap dah settle, jyeahh! And so sorry to Encek Tunang yang tak merasa buat wedding preparations sebab dah nak nikah nanti baru dia pulang ke tanah air tercinta.

Masa pergi ambil measurements at the designer's place, the designer asked "nanti awak tak naik berat badan kan?", and sepantas kilat my FMIL replied "I'll kill her if that happens" *gulp!* terus sit-up 1000kali. Hikhik. Hopefully tak naik dah lah berat badan ni. I'm just lucky that my height is 164cm so bila naik berat, tak nampak ketara sangat :)

Oh oh oh! my veil will be like this!

That's my FSIL and her husband during bride's reception in early 2010. Her reception dress was also designed by the same designer. Panjang kan the veil? Hopefully ceq tak jatuh lah bila pakai macamtu..

ps: I really hope my bertandang's dress will turn out awesome & gorgeous :)



  1. nice!!! long veil boleh feeling princess..hehe

  2. hai, come over and take a look!

    ** DIY Project, sesuai untuk bride to be!! :)


  3. woow xsbr nk tgk.super gojes la nnt..

  4. hehehe
    comeL La ur MIL!
    #see.. "FMIL" da tukar ke "MIL".hehehe