Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bestfriend's engagement


Somewhere in middle march, I went for dinner with my bestfriend since 2002. On our way to Sushi King (our favourite place since forever), she suddenly hold my arm and said "aku ada benda nak bagitau hang", and I quickly replied "hang nak kahwin?". I was replying that joking-ly. But I knew when she said like that, it must be something serious. Then she replied "mana hang tahuuuuu?"... "That's why we are bestfrens babe. Aku dah boleh rasa".

Then I asked, "hang nak kahwin bila?". I guess the earliest will be after mine, September or October. Coz she just decided to get married end of February. Takkan cepat sangat kan nak kahwin kalau baru je decide.But I was wrong, she said "Aku kahwin sekali dengan Athirah (her sister that I've blogged about. Read here)". "WHATTTT?!". She just told me middle of March and she wants to get married in April. I was out of breath. I cried. I cried happily. My bestfren is getting married. But too sooooon! I was not mentally prepared. But hey, jodoh tu Allah yang tetapkan. Kalau dah jodoh, baru kenal harini pun boleh nikah besok tau! Kuasa Tuhan. So, end of march, my bestfren tu (Izzati Syahirah) buat a mini engagement ceremony. Less than 100 people were invited.

This is Namie. Bukan my bestfren yang bertunang tu tau.

Anything for you bestfren. Sanggup tukar profesion jadi mak andam tahu.

Before rombongan sampai :)

Proud parents

With FMIL. Sorry gambar bergegaq

Closest frens of Izzati Syahirah. From left: Dekwa, Namie, ME!, Athirah (Izzati's sis), Ieja & Azura

Us again

The sporting Aunty (Izzati's mum). Layan je kitorang. Haha.


Lipstick stain. I got a kiss from Izzati before I went back. Awww.

InsyaAllah the wedding will be end of this month. Side perempuan je ada 3 receptions. 2 dekat Hotel Istana, 1 dekat rumah. Nikah lagi another event. I'm gonna be busy tooooo for her wedding. Siap ambil cuti untuk her nikah day walaupun dia nikah jumaat malam. I think I'm gonna be as tired as the pengantin too later :p Andddd, my baju will be sponsored by her family. Yesssss!


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  1. wow...seronok ye! bestfriend saya pun baru je bertunang 2 minggu lepas~